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Digital Secretary works as a 2-part client/server setup using TCP/IP for reliability and effectiveness. It is flexible enough to operate using either the internet or private LAN with no internet access.

Quick configuration of the server options ensures that the system will operate specifically as desired according to the defined settings.
Once the server is running, it continually waits for connections from Digital Secretary clients until the server is stopped. How the server handles the connections depends on the configuration. Once a client is signed in, they are immediately added to the user list and can then perform numerous functions (depending on the client privileges).

Digital Secretary clients use "details" to identify themselves and display other information. Five detail fields are required to sign in to a server: Name, Group, Status, Server Address and Port Number. There are also many other additional details that may be requested by the server. These details can be easily and quickly changed and updated on the server at any time.

The application is able to adapt well to a variety of different situations. This is largely due to the fact that there are many different options available in the application which allow for a great deal of customization. This is helpful for things like limiting access to certain functions (such as messaging) to only specific clients.

User License Pricing

 Number of Users  Price (Per User)
 5-19  $12
 20-49  $9
 50-99  $8
 100+  $6

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