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Website Update Notification
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Website Watch is capable of informing you as soon as a website has an update. This is a great utility for anyone who has a list of favorite websites they like to visit, such as blogs. In addition, many options are included in this app to maintain easy flexibility. For example, when an update occurs, would you like to play a sound, or would you like to flash the system-tray icon? Would you like to check all of your websites hourly, daily or more/less freqently?

Website Watch works by taking a list of websites that you enter and periodically checking them for any updates or changes. It does this automatically just like you would manually with a web browser. How often it checks your list of websites is easily defined in the setup of the application.

When an update does take place you will be informed immediately so you'll know exactly when a particular website has updated content.

Application Pricing

 Number of Copies  Price (Per Copy)
 1-4  $20
 5-19  $16
 20-49  $14
 50-99  $12
 100+  $10

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